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Elderberry is an amazing herb that has been used for hundreds of years. It’s an antioxidant, high in vitamin C, and has been shown to prevent viruses from being able to replicate. It is an immune tonic, both stimulating and strengthening to your immune system. And did we mention it’s delicious??

Elderberry syrup kit contains all the herbs you need to make your own elderberry syrup, you just supply water and honey (or another sweetener). Making your own syrup not only helps you to control the ingredients in your syrup (we use all organic herbs and recommend local honey- no fillers, or icky ingredients here), but it is also more cost effective than buying the premade syrup at the store. This kit contains organic elderberries along with cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Rose hips are added for extra vitamin C, and black pepper helps your body to better absorb the nutrients in the other ingredients. Each kit comes with directions for how to make the syrup and recommendations on how to take it.

The 6 oz kit will make about 32 oz of syrup.

Ingredients: *Elderberries, *Rose Hips, *Cinnamon, *Ginger, *Black Peppercorns, *Clove
*Organic or local ingredients

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